The Remarkable Women Programme

Based on seven years of research into women as leaders, McKinsey offers a unique capability building programme to help you expand your performance range and choices. Through experiential learning, grounded in your own professional context, you will gain powerful new techniques and practice them in real time. In turn, they will help you dig deeper to better understand yourself – and how you can flourish more fully at work
and in life.

This is the right programme for rising senior executives in positions of significant influence. You are already a proven manager, you are open to the next horizon and you are excited to join a community of other senior women in a safe environment that encourages personal reflection and growth.

Through facilitated personal reflection, peer-to-peer discussion and practice, you will:

Identify your core strengths and how to use them in leading.
Learn how to get the best out of every situation, especially adversity.
Become more attuned to your energy levels and learn to recover while at work.
Understand what you can do to strengthen sponsorship relationships and forge community through trust.
Tap into your fears – how they serve you and limit you. Learn how to creatively work with them to move forward.

Some feedback from past participants

“The course is truly wonderful and I cannot describe enough how much it means to me at this difficult point in my career. The trainers are top, the other women I met offer fantastic perspectives and are great to share ideas with and learn from and last but not least the whole organisation is superb!”

“The mini-board sessions between the workshops were valuable – they made the connection between the sessions and pushed us to think through the different concepts we had talked about”

“Taking time away from work to reflect and gain insight from other professional women in similar situations was great”

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