Women Matter MX 2022

Women Matter 2022 Report
Women Matter México 2022:
Uneven Parity
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Women Matter México 2022:
Lights and Shadows of the Pandemic
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Women Matter MX is a comprehensive study that examines the state of corporate gender diversity in Mexico. This report is part of the Women Matter series that has been published by McKinsey & Company since 2017. For more than ten years, McKinsey has been researching to build the case for greater parity in the economy and in corporations’ top management, and to understand the levers to make change happen. Through these reports, we have developed a global and regional understanding of the situation, built a clear economic case for change (at both the macro and micro levels), and identified common barriers and change drivers across the world, as well as specific issues or gaps to fix in some regions.

With this report, we hope to provide an objective fact base for companies and stakeholders that allows them to understand the benefits that can be captured through a higher representation of women in leadership positions, as well as the set of levers that can drive diversity and continue to promote transparency and progress in this issue.
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Change starts with treating gender diversity like the business priority it is.

The benefits of diversity are proven: new ideas, better results, and happier employees.

We invite you to learn more about the concrete, evidence-based steps that Mexican organizations can take right now to improve their diversity and to understand how they are currently being applied today.